We are the Zscan Software

And our goal is to make your daily practice more organized.


Since 2002, we have been revolutionizing video documentation for healthcare, making it more accessible, efficient and user friendly.

Through our solutions, professionals can perform in one single platform tasks that had been doing separately before, allowing them to work in a fluent manner and, consequently, optimizing resources.

Zscan Software has now expanded it’s product portfolio according to our users’ needs, to offer integrated systems that include:



Zscan’s first version was developed in 1998. In fact, it was an external device that allowed the images captured by video diagnose systems, to be transmitted to the computer, to later print them.


First Zscan’s Software was developed, under the name of Zscan 2000. It revolutionized the image capturing process, using internal cards, that allowed the images to be transferred directly from the video system to the computer, leaving Zscan’s external device behind.


Zscan Software was born officially in the year of 2002. Although, previously, it was already working in medical solutions development. It’s initial goal, was to allow physicians to optimize the use of images generated by equipment such as: endoscopes, ultrasounds, video surgery cameras, etc. It was then, that the Image Capture System was created, simply known, as Zscan.


Since then, our company works day after day to create solutions that can fulfill medical professional needs, always looking to be a world reference in image processing.


We have expanded the product portfolio to attend our users’ needs, including online services, clinic management, DICOM converter, and a version of our image capturing system for veterinarian medicine.

At Present

Zscan has presence in more than 17 countries, investing in conventions attendance and also in medical training centers. It belongs to an associated group with ZionTech and ZMed, with commercial partners in China, Germany, among others.