Frequently Asked Questions


I’m trying to connect to Remote Support, and it stays “connecting”, but no one answers. What should I do?

The desktop shortcut remote support is not available any more. Now we have a new, modern and fast support system. Do you can speak direct to us by the chat on the footer. Just type your name, departmament, and click on button "start chat". This chat you can do questions about any ours services or products in real time and require technical services from the service desk team.

Can I use Zscan in a network?

Zscan works perfectly in a network. Although, the data, images and reports are stored and organized in the server computer. This facilitates the early patient registration, and allows reports to be modified in another workstation connected to the local area network.

Is Zscan IOS compatible?

No. The IOS compatible version of Zscan still under development.

How does the Zscan Software support work? Is it free?

ZSCAN has high-quality Chat support and real-time remote connection where the customer is served quickly. This service is free for 90 days from system installation. After this period you will be able to subscribe to one of the benefit and service plans available full of advantages. For more information, go to our online chat and talk to one of our attendants.

Will I lose all the data after the trial period is expired?

You can work in trial mode for 30 days. After the full version’s purchase and installation, all the data will be reactivated, that means you will not lose any information.

How does the Technical Support work?

You can contact our technical support through:

- Telephone - 0055 62 3273-8034

- SKYPE - Add any of the following accounts: zscan1 or zscan2

- Chat - Access our support section in our website

- Remote support - Since version 6, the support can be requested directly through the software. Click on “Help” button and then select the option “Request remote support”. After this, an analyst will assist you shortly.

Does Zscan’s license expire?

The license to use ZSCAN Image Capture and Report Management systems purchased until 2015 (Versions 4.5) does not expire. However, after this date, other versions of the system were released in SaaS (Software as a Service) format, Cloud Services (iLaudo, LiveBackup) and support subscription which is valid under the User agreement with the company for each particular services the client has purchased. If your computer fails, your license may be reinstalled using your unique Serial number. And if you have a database backup, you will be able to restore the system to the date of your last system backup. However, if this occurs after the free support period expires, a service fee will be charged. ZSCAN only guarantees the system to be fully functional for the computers that meet the technical specifications specified for that particular version (hardware and operating system).

- How can I contact Zscan?


Support: +55 62 3273-8034

Commercial: +55 62 9 9612-1120


Address (for mail): Rua Cruz Alta Nº1724 Chacara 357 Jardim Novo Mundo - Goiania Goias. CEP 74715-160