The best Clinic Management System in the market!

Doctor Z

Entirely based online, Doctor Z, allows to control all clinic processes, from appointments and medical exams agenda, to billing and financial control.

Friendly and dynamic, the system makes it possible for the user to access from any device connected to Internet, with total security. All the information is encrypted, and only authorized people are allowed to work with it.

Doctor Z is an intelligent software, that will help you to avoid time loss and unnecessary costs, related to last minute appointment cancellations, because it sends reminders to patients so they can confirm their attendance via SMS, email and also social media.

System Resources

  • Appointments and medical exams agenda;
  • Medical records;
  • Prescriptions;
  • High quality image capturing (photos and videos);
  • Reminders via SMS/email and social media;
  • Financial Control (Accounts payable and receivable);
  • Elaborates reports with images (with customizable report templates);


  • Stock control;
  • Multi-clinic;
  • Online data backup;
  • Unlimited support;
  • Security (encrypted data transfer);
  • TISS billing, multiple price charts, contracts control;
  • Compatible with all operating systems for desktop and mobile devices: Mac Os, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.

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