Gastro, ENT and Gynec

Zscan system with records in Anvisa and FDA.
U.S.A. - FDA: 3007383725
Brazil - ANVISA: 80887330001

ZSCAN 7.0 System

Zscan Software is divided in 3 categories. Zscan7 Gynec, an Image Capturing and report generating system with models for Colposcopy and Hysteroscopy; our Zscan ENT, for Otolaryngology; and Zscan7 Gastro, for Endoscopy.

Zscan Software is the result of the daily experience of physicians that use video as a tool in their procedures. It can be used in clinics, universities, medical training courses and even big hospitals.

It is an eco-friendly product, which substitutes several peripheral video documentation systems, now inadequate and obsolete. It was projected for a virtual image world, without paper, cartridges, inks and plastics that pollute our planet.

With an intuitive and friendly interface, Zscan is always looking forward optimize its system’s performance, without leaving aside its principal features. Review some of them below:

System Resources

  • Elaborates reports with high quality images;
  • Photograph quality printing;
  • Results and diagnosis filing, so they can be used in new reports;
  • Customizable reports;
  • Full screen and real time video;
  • Image editing;
  • Video recording with audio in CD or DVD;
  • Database with patients’ information, images and reports;
  • Technical support via telephone, Skype and Remote Control.

Simple, fast and efficient

With a friendly and intuitive interface, Zscan7 allows the user to navigate the system in a simple way, without any complications. Certainly, this system will become an essential tool for your daily practice.

Freedom to customize reports

With many more options to edit and configure the structure of the reports. Zscan allows you to create a report exactly as you want it.

A system for each specialty

Now you will have a system dedicated entirely to the needs and singularities of your specific medical field, with default report templates, according to your specialty.

Statistical reports using diverse criteria

Our system creates statistical reports, based on demographic information and keywords, allowing to obtain specific data, for study and investigation.

Safety resources

Register users with different access levels, protected with passwords; keeping your data safe. It also contains a digital signature tool for the reports.

Backup tool

With a new backup tool, you can always have a full copy of Zscan’s database. This allows the system´s restoration in case of an Operating system or hardware failure.

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The ideal solution for physicians that use images to diagnose, through our Image Capture and Report generating system.

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