Zscan Vet System

For High Quality Image Capturing

Used for endoscopy, ultrasound and surgery.

Zscan Vet System

Progress in animal endoscopy in the latest years has been exponential; in fact, there are some respiratory and digestive diseases that could not be diagnosed accurately without the help of endoscopy images.

Zscan, fulfilling the needs of veterinarians that work with endoscopy, offers its Image Capture and Reporting Software, entirely designed for each specialty, allowing them to document each procedure and also to provide their clients reports with exceptional quality image, in a fast and economic way.

System Resources

  • Client registration that allows adding several animals per client;
  • Elaborates reports with high quality images;
  • Photograph quality printing;
  • Results and diagnosis filing, so they can be used in new reports;
  • Customizable reports;
  • Full screen and real time video;
  • Image editing;
  • Video recording with audio in CD or DVD;
  • Database with patients’ information, images and reports;
  • Technical support via telephone, Skype and Remote Control.